2017 Nationals Information

2017 Martial Arts Nationals

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Congratulations! Your child was chosen to compete at NATIONALS!  Multiple organizations from a crossed the nation have joined forces to give your child this amazing opportunity.

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Athlete registration form: Make sure registration form is filled out completely.  Please note that this is a pre-registration event ONLY and registration deadlines will be strictly enforced.

Belt rank grouping: Each NYAA affiliate organization has a different belt ranking system.  Some have more than 20 different belt ranks while others may only have 9. Thus some belt colors represent a completely different belt rank amongst the affiliates. To avoid confusion NYAA has worked with each programs Martial Arts Directors to ensure that all belts were matched up by skills and knowledge each belt rank should possess.  For example: Champions in Motion’s green belts with white stripe and green belts with black stripe are equivalent to Champion Force’s green belts skills level.  While Champion Force’s green belts with black stripe are equivalent to Champions In Motion’s green belt with blue strip and blue belts. If you have additional questions on this please speak with your instructor.  NYAA’s event team and Martial Arts Director are available to your instructors for more detailed explanations. PLEASE USE THE BELT RANK GROUPING SHEET TO DETERMINE WHICH COMPETITION GROUP YOUR ATHLETE WILL BE IN.  YOU WILL LOCATE YOUR CHILD’S BELT RANK AND PROGRAM IN WHICH THEY EARED THAT BELT RANK TO DETERMINE THEIR GROUP.  When arriving at the event you will need to see registration to check in.  Upon checking you will be given a division number, a competitor number and t-shirt.  The t-shirt must be worn during the event (the t-shirt will have the athletes rank grouping on that back and the program your student is from on the sleeve). 

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Belt rank key: CIM=Champions In Motion, CFA=Champion Force Athletics, YA=Young Americans, DCD=DC Dragons.

Hotel information: NYAA listed the most affordable hotels near the convention center and we also listed hotels near Kings Island Amusement Park.

Family Fun: Come in a day early or stay on Sunday and experience Kings Island Amusement Park (one of the biggest in the Midwest).  Kings Island is giving NYAA families AWESOME discounts on 1 day, 2 day and 4 day passes! YOU MUST HAVE THE INCLUDED FLYER WITH YOU WHEN PURCHASING TICKETS TO RECEIVE DISCOUNTS. Click here to print flyer! 

Please email info@nyaassociation.com with any tournament questions