2018 Schedule and Event Information


Sharks & Grizzlies 

  • 8 AM Check-In 
  • 8:30 AM Opening Ceremony
  • 9:00 AM Tournament

Tigers, Scorpions & Wolverines

  • 12:30 PM Check-In
  • 1:00 PM Opening Ceremony
  • 1:30 PM Tournament

Panthers, Dragons, Cobras & Lions

  • 5:00 PM Check-In
  • 5:30 PM Opening Ceremony
  • 6:00 PM Tournament


  • A signed waiver - click here to print the waiver
  • Uniform 
    •  Full uniform: top and bottom
      •   Must be your program's uniform
  • Belt 
    •   The rank at which the athlete registered must be worn
  • Sparring Gear
  • Weapons (does NOT apply to Sharks or Grizzlies)


  • Turn in a signed waiver
    • NYAA staff will
      • verify age, rank, program and animal group
      • place animal group bracelet on right wrist
      • write competitor number on the back of right hand
      • write division number on the back of left hand
  • Pick up tournament t-shirt, engraving and engraving voucher 


  • NO outside food or drink permitted.
  • Concessions will be available from 8 AM - 8:30 PM. 


  • Each athlete will receive a custom ‘2018 NYAA Martial Arts Nationals’ medal to remember this special event. 
  • Trophies will be given to athletes placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in events. 
  • Any athlete that place 1st in 4 of the 5 events will be awarded the GRAND CHAMPION of their division and walk away with the ‘GRAND CHAMPION’ trophy! 
  • In each of the 3 tournament times, we will be giving out the ‘2018 NYAA INSTRUCTOR AWARD’ to the instructor with the most points. Points are accumulated by athlete placements in a weighted percentage in order to create an even playing field for all size teams/groups. 
  • At the very end of the day, an overall ‘Grand Champion Award’ for the entire tournament will be awarded to the state with the most points (using the same scoring system as listed above).