2019 Belt Ranking

Each NYAA affiliate organization has a different belt ranking system.  Some have more than 20 belt ranks while others may only have 9. Thus, some belt colors represent a completely different belt rank amongst the affiliates. To avoid confusion, NYAA has worked with each program’s Martial Arts Director to ensure all belts were matched up by the skills and knowledge each belt rank should possess.  For example, the skill level of Champions In Motion’s green belt is equivalent to Champion Force Athletics’ orange belt.  Each affiliate also uses stripes within ranking to reward athletes for knowing a percentage of the skills required for their next belt rank (CFA uses white and black stripes while other affiliates use white, black, and colored stripes). If you have additional questions regarding this, you may speak to your instructor.  NYAA’s event team and Martial Arts Director are available to your instructors for more detailed explanations.   

      USE THE BELT RANK GROUPING GUIDE TO DETERMINE THE COMPETITION GROUP FOR YOUR ATHLETE.  TO DETERMINE THEIR GROUP, LOCATE YOUR ATHLETE’S BELT RANK AND THE PROGRAM IN WHICH THEY EARNED THEIR BELT RANK.  When arriving at the event, you must check in at registration.  Upon checking in, you will be given a division number, a competitor number, and a belt rank group wristband (wristband must be worn while competing). Note: Athletes will be placed based on the rank they were at the time of registration.